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The Beauty Of Vintage

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The Beauty Of Vintage

In this economic climate we are learning to recycle, restore, re-vamp and re-introduce the art of creativity. 

I was brought up where making my own clothes, re-using and saving material that would make another item was a normal activity.  We would cut buttons off the clothes we had to throw out; un-pick zips to put aside for later time; maybe even re-vamp a piece of furniture that had run the course of it's orginal use but could be re-designed into something else!

I believe we have come full circle, and here we are again, finding ways to re-vamp what we we have if we possibly can, or rummage the charity shops, car boots or flea markets for a bargain, because to buy new may not be an option.  

Of course, we do not need to be in an 'economic downturn' to have interest in older things or to make our own clothes or restore furniture, but it is more of a necessity now that it has ever been.

Having to do this, can bring out that stagnant creativity that you had put away along while back, or to arouse a new awareness of wanting to try your hand at being creative!

Loving vintage and retro will give you that ability.   You can fill your home with reasonable vintage accessories; you can dress up in vintage clothing and still look a million dollars; you can create and sew your own gear, make your own jewellery or buy items that are reasonable ...and different!

Eventually I hope to be able to expand this site where you will be able to purchase vintage items.

i would like to include ideas that you yourself can use too. 

Buttons, buttons and more buttons fill my home, along with old buckles, ribbon, beads and material.

I recycle the buttons to make funky retro bracelets, hair accessories and pendants.

I am a collector by nature, so you will find vintage scarves, gloves, brooches, necklaces: in fact, anything vintage that catches my eye!

There is beauty in items from days gone by.  There were good years for fashion and I believe bad years too!

I like the classy items and the demure shift dresses; the sparkly chunky brooches and the glass bead strings.

Of course, the albums do not just concentrate on vintage jewellery and clothes but go right across the board of other subjects such old classic cars, bottles, jars, china; in fact, all sorts of vintage and old things!

So please view the albums as there will eventually be something for everyone.